Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poem of the Week


print version published in Zen Baby

the University of California
would pay me to finish
my novel there

but not for another week
& it was still hot in Texas
& I knew Scotty
& Scotty drank
& in Texas you can't say
goodbye to a drinker without
one on with him:
Scotty & I hit
his favorite bar

no doubt because
I planned to leave town

we met interested women

beer in us took
Scotty to their
place while for some
reason necessary for
the group's fun
I drove Scotty's car (carefully) to his


found myself unable
to unlock his front door &

therefore broke in
through a window

I was seeking
something I
no longer remembered
& not finding it when
I heard brakes screech

a crash & the squeal
of tires: another car had
pummeled Scotty's &


I cussed in Scotty's living room

turned off its light as
a squad car arrived but
the cop still
on Scotty's door

to avoid
charges of d.u.i. &
breaking & entering
& retracted

freedom to end that novel
I hid in Scotty's


the knocks
stopped I fell
asleep hoping
this was the kind
of ordeal
drunks are happy
to understand
& now I want to thank
Scotty it was